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Our agency is always making efforts to improve services to the families we serve, so in conjunction with the California Department of Social Services, we developed our own System Improvement Plan, 2017-2022. For a period of approximately one year, Child Welfare Services underwent a self-evaluation process that included input from child welfare staff at all levels, the families we serve, foster parents/caretakers, Probation and a variety of community partners. As a result of this evaluation process, a five-year plan was developed to meet our goal of continuously improving permanency and stability in the lives of foster youth.
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(Welfare and Institutional Code 16504)

A 24-hour response system designed to receive, investigate and evaluate reports of child abuse and neglect. Any child reported to the Department of Human Services to be endangered by abuse, neglect or exploitation shall be eligible for initial intake and evaluation of risk services. In emergency situations, an immediate in-person response shall be made by a social worker in accordance with department regulations.

(Welfare and Institutional Code 16506)

These services shall be provided in order to maintain the child in his or her own home. Services shall only be provided to the following:

1. Families whose child has been adjudicated a dependent of the court under Section 300, and where the court has ordered the county welfare department to supervise while the child remains in the child's home.

2. Families whose child is in potential danger of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, who are willing to accept services and participate in corrective efforts, and where it is safe for the child to remain in the child's home on with the provision of services.

3. Families in which the child is in the care of a previously noncustodial parent, under the supervision of the juvenile court.

(Welfare and Institutional Code 16507)

Family Services shall be provided or arranged for by the county welfare department staff in order to reunite the child separated from his or her parents because of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Family reunification services shall only be provided when a child has been placed in out-of-home care, or is in the care of a previously noncustodial parent under the supervision of the juvenile court. When a minor has been placed in foster care with a nonparent, family reunification services may be provided to one or both parents.

(Welfare and Institutional Code 16508)

Services shall be provided for children who cannot safely live with their parents and are not likely to return to their own homes. The following children are eligible to receive these services:

1. Children judged dependent under Section 300 where a review has determined that reunification, adoption, or guardianship is inappropriate.

2. Recipients of public assistance under non-federally funded Aid to Families with Dependent Children programs who are wards of a legal guardian where a review has determined that reunification or adaption is inappropriate.

(Welfare and Institutional Code 16508)

The Kern County Human Services Agency is a full service adoption agency licensed by the California Department of Social Services. An "agency within an agency", the Adoption program provides a continuum of services to members of the adoption triad - birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents. Adoption services are available to residents of Kern and Inyo Counties.


We are committed to the timely and effective delivery and payment of specialty mental health services to children and youth in foster care who are placed outside of their county of jurisdiction and into a different county of residency. Referrals can be sent to the following email box:

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