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Visitation is vital to a child maintaining family relationships and cultural connections. Visitation refers to the scheduled contact parents have with their children. Often, parents are court ordered to have these visitations supervised or facilitated by the Department of Human Services. For more information about supervised visits, please refer to the Visitation Resource Guide below:

Visitation Resource Guide

The Department of Human Services hosts the majority of scheduled visits at:

The Department of Human Services
Social Services Lobby
100 E. California Ave Bakersfield, CA 93302

Children’s Visitation Center (CVC)
420 Alpine street, Bakersfield, CA 93302

Pictured: The exterior of the Department of Human Services- Social Services Lobby where parents and caretakers check-in for visits.

Visits that occur in the Social Services building:
        •  Private in-door visits
        •  Designated rooms with couches
        •  Bathroom accessibility
        •  No water or kitchen access
        •  All visits are able to be supervised from an adjacent room

Pictured: The entrance to the Children’s Visitation Center

Visits that occur in the Children’s Visitation Center:
        •  In-door and out-door visits available
        •  Designated rooms with couches
        •  Bathroom accessibility
        •  Water or kitchen access with a refrigerator, oven, and a microwave.

Example of a visitation room at our Children’s Visitation Center

Example of the yard area available for visits