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Informational Links

Resource Family Friendly Businesses (RFFB)

Specialized Care and Incentive Assistance Program (SCIAP) and Respite Care

  • The SCIAP is a funding program designed to enhance the lives of special needs foster children who have health and/or behavioral problems and are found to be in need of enhancement to their lives.

Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care

Bakersfield College - RFA Preservice Training Schedule & Ongoing Training Schedule

Informational Handouts

Resource Family Guide to Services 2019
Guía de Servicios Para Familias de Apoyo 2019

Civil Rights (brochure) English | Spanish

  • Your Civil Rights explained. Contact information to file a complaint if you are having problems with your aid or services.

Families Formed with Love (brochure) English | Spanish

  • Information on becoming a Resource Family.

Important Information for Relatives Considering Placement of a Child (brochure) English | Spanish

  • Information on laws, relative placements, special considerations for placement, and what happens after parental rights are terminated.

RFA Written Directives version 6.0 English

  • The written processes, standards, and requirements issued by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) for the Resource Family Approval Program. The Written Directives have the same force and effect as regulations, and they ensure counties use the same standards for Resource Family Approval.


RFA Forms on the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) website   English | Spanish

  • If you need a specific RFA form, look under “R” on the CDSS website. You can download and print forms to give your assigned RFA Social Worker.

5 Step Application Process English | Spanish

RFA Home Inspection Checklist English | Spanish

Unusual Incident Report English | Spanish

  • If any of the following events listed below occurs to the child/youth placed with your family, you are to report within 24 hours after the event occurs by telephone, email, or fax to the Family Services or Adoptions Social Worker of the child/youth and also your Resource Family Approval (RFA) worker. In addition, a written Unusual Incident/Injury Report should be submitted within 7 calendar days after the event occurred.
    • Death of any child
    • Any suspected child abuse or neglect, as defined in Penal Code section 11165.6
    • Any injury to or illness of a child/youth that requires emergency medical treatment or hospitalization
    • Any unusual incident or absence of a child/youth which threatens the physical or emotional health or safety of any child in the home
    • Communicable disease outbreak as reported to the caregiver by a health professional or by the local health authority
    • Poisonings
    • Fires or explosions which occur in or on the premises